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Fractal-Like Aggregate Generation Environment
A fast and accurate implementation of different PC/CC aggregation algorithms. The program can also be used for modifying existing structures, e.g. implementing connections between primary particles, creating meshes of volume elements (dipoles), generating 3D models and more.

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Main goals
The aim of my work is to develop new methods (and improve existing ones) for detecting and investigating nano-structures using light based-techniques. They will help to improve production processes, understand atmospheric phenomena (e.g. the global warming effect) and create metamaterials with unique optical properties (e.g. by controlling the plasmon resonance spectrum).

The current objective, which is consistent with my PhD dissertation, is to develop a fast and reliable algorithm which allows for monitoring the sintering process.

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MSc dissertations
  • [PL] The use of artificial neural networks in biometric security systems.


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