So, this web page was created because... I had to. The reviewers said that before publishing the FLAGE paper I should make the code available. They were right through. Anyway, I've extended it a bit. It might not look so beautiful as websites of other scholars but at least this one was created from scratch in the notepad, without any templates or unfair, WYSiWYG builders 😉

PS - If you haven't noticed yet I'm not a graphic designer, so the layout is not perfect but I'm doing my best.
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Fractal-Like Aggregate Generation Environment
A fast and accurate implementation of different PC/CC aggregation algorithms.

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TEM Image Analyzer
An advanced tool for microscopy image measurements, processing and analysis.

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Chart Analyzer
A simple tool to retrieve data from any media (pdf, jpg, png, etc).

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Simple Fractal Generator
An algorithm for generating mathematical fractals.

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Research goals
The main part of my mork is devoted to light-based measurements and technology. To be more precise - I'm interested in developing new methods (and improve existing ones) for detecting and measuring nano-structures. However, I'm also involved in: machine vision, composite materials, general electronics, artificial intelligence, biometrics, climate changes, etc.

On this web page you can find and download almost all of my articles. If something goes wrong, please contact me directly.


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